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Account Access

Access Your Euro Pacific Capital Account Below

If this is your first time using this feature, please contact your broker to request online account access.

Once your online access is configured, follow these steps to log in:
  1. Click “Access Your Account” below.
  2. When the login page for myStreetscape opens, enter the ID and PIN provided by your broker.
  3. Your PIN is temporary. You will be prompted to change it to one of your choosing.
  4. The first time you log-in, you will be presented with a few pages of disclosures. Read and, if you agree, click through until you reach the myStreetscape homepage.
  5. Once you reach the myStreetscape homepage, you will be able to view your account activity.
  6. Next time, log-in using your new PIN and you will be taken directly to the myStreetscape home page.