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Account Access

Deposit Funds

Wiring Instructions

JP Morgan / Chase, 55 Water Street, New York, NY
ABA Number: 021000021
For Credit to: National Financial Services LLC
Account #: 066196-221
For the benefit of: Name of customer
Account #: xxx-xxxxxx

Please do not wire funds without first obtaining a valid account number.

Check Instructions

All checks must be made payable to "National Financial Services" and mailed to your branch office. For a list of branch offices and addresses, click here.

Please write your account number on the check in the memo field.

When depositing funds into a company account held at Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. please be aware that we need to have a corporate resolution or sole proprietor letter that lists the authorized signatories on the account.

Please do not send checks to NFS or any other third party.

Please be advised that if the instructions for deposit are not followed when submitting a check for deposit, the check will be sent back to the client for re-issuance.

Unacceptable Retail Deposits:

  • Checks made payable to Euro Pacific Capital. 
  • Starter checks.
  • Bank checks under $10,000; checks with double endorsements; cash; money orders and travelers checks; checks made payable to cash.
  • Checks drawn against foreign banks.
  • Checks drawn in a currency other than US dollars.
  • Checks whereby the maker of the check is not identical to the owner of the brokerage account.
  • Checks referring to more than one NFS account number.
  • Checks drawn against a line of credit.