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Euro Pacific In The News

Yahoo Finance
August 23, 2013
Two days before the stock market set its most recent record highs on August 2nd, the Department of Commerce provided the necessary rocket fuel when it reported a much better than expected first-...
Yahoo Finance
June 6, 2013
Markets are slightly higher in the U.S., the day after the second-largest point decline of 2013 for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI), according to the Wall Street Journal. The Dow dropped...
Associated Press
May 13, 2013
NEW YORK — When the price of gold plunged $200 last month, many people thought they caught the sound of the gold bubble popping. What Peter Schiff, the CEO of brokerage Euro Pacific...
Yahoo Finance
May 10, 2013
Gold investors can make the long term case for the yellow metal as loud and often as they want, but the market price is the final arbiter investing success. By that objective measure the barbaric...
Yahoo Finance
May 8, 2013
According to government measures, inflation in the U.S. is all but non-existent. The officially endorsed Consumer Price Index (CPI) claims a mere 1.5% rise in prices over the 12 months ending last...
Yahoo Finance
May 8, 2013
On April 4th, the new Bank of Japan president Haruhiko Kuroda outdid the U.S. by launching the most aggressive quantitative easing program the modern world has ever seen. In an overt effort to...
April 12, 2013
After a quiet two-year incubation period, domestic and foreign investors are piling into Mexican real estate investment trusts, which are strongly outperforming the wider stock market. The trusts...
April 10, 2013
Goldman Sachs slashed its gold price forecasts on Wednesday morning, and recommended that people close out the long gold positions Goldman previously recommended and start shorting...