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Euro Pacific In The News

July 9, 2012
Wall Street’s major banks are hoarding Treasuries at a record rate, as a disappointing global economy forces them into the apparent safety of U.S. government debt.  Despite the Fed...
Financial Times
June 29, 2012
Those with a weak heart might best avoid reading The Real Crash. In it Peter Schiff, an investment and economic commentator, makes a strong case that the real economic turmoil is yet to come....
June 25, 2012
Markets have hung on every word from the world’s central bankers since the financial crisis hit in 2008. But now, some economists — and even central bankers themselves — suggest...
Boston Globe
June 18, 2012
A slim victory for the main conservative party in an election in Greece should relax fears that a country will stop using the euro for the first time and possibly unleash global financial turmoil...
Daily Telegraph
June 4, 2012
AUSTRALIAN shares have closed at a six-month low with an estimated $23 billion wiped off the market. But what's bad news for investors is good news for homeowners, with the carnage putting...
May 30, 2012
Forget it. It’s over. America is already broke. That’s the view of perma-bear (in the truest sense of the term) Peter Schiff, and he passionately makes his case. Of...
Yahoo! Finance
May 30, 2012
Peter Schiff makes it clear, up front, why he's not trying to save America from fiscal disaster. He's not un-American, he's just too late. "We're already bankrupt," Schiff...
Yahoo! Finance
May 24, 2012
Less than a week after Facebook's IPO there are already rumors that Facebook is considering a move from the Nasdaq to the NYSE. According to Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital...