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Only Ron Paul Can Save America

Stacy Curtin
Business Insider
January 3, 2012

Happy New Year and welcome back to the presidential political circus which begins in earnest today with the Iowa caucus followed closely by the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 10.

Three candidates are in a dead heat for Iowa, according to a poll released Sunday. Public Policy Polling had Ron Paul with 20% of the vote, Mitt Romney at 19% and Rick Santorum at 18%.
Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital and a former Republican Senate candidate joined The Daily Ticker's Henry Blodget to discuss the presidential election and his top pick in Iowa.
"I hope it is Ron Paul who wins Iowa and not just Iowa but obviously New Hampshire, the nomination and the presidency," says Schiff who considers himself a true supporter of limited government, like Ron Paul, as opposed to the many Republicans who just talk the talk and do not walk the walk. (See: It's Time to Roll Back Big Government: Rep. Ron Paul Says 'No' to Debt Ceiling Increase)
Schiff acknowledges a Ron Paul nomination is a long shot and concedes that Mitt Romney will likely be the candidate whose name appears on the general election ballot. But that won't stop Schiff from continuing to spread the word about Paul.
"The reason our economy got into so much trouble is because we completely abandoned the free market and we followed the government policies of Bush and now we have got the even bigger government policies of Obama," he says. "I hope we can fully repudiate big government whether it is Republicans or Democrats that want it and we can embrace Ron Paul and change the Republican Party and bring it back to the party of limited government."