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Euro Pacific In The News

November 1, 2011
At the end of the Federal Reserve’s two-day meeting, Chairman Ben Bernanke probably won’t come to the market’s rescue by announcing any new policy initiatives and may even aid a...
The New American
November 1, 2011
One of the many goals of the Occupy Wall Street orchestrators has clearly been to paint America’s richest one percent of the population as the antagonists to the country's prosperity and...
The Orange County Register
October 29, 2011
Before Peter Schiff had a national reputation for calling the economic crash of last decade, he was a highly opinionated money manager from Orange County. (Recall his interview with us when he...
October 28, 2011
Vernon Mayor Jason McCoy said the U.S. Senate needs more members who have experience as chief executives delivering services within a balanced budget. He said taxes increased only once during his...
Washington Post
October 28, 2011
As Occupy Wall Street continues to rail against the rich with the anthem “We are the 99 percent,” some in the “1 percent” have taken it upon themselves to set protesters...
National Review
October 28, 2011
Last week, Reason TV followed investment guru Peter Schiff as he spent three hours with the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park. An unapologetic member of the 1...
October 27, 2011
European financial ETFs led a global rally Thursday after the European Union offered $100 billion to stem an imminent Greek debt default in exchange for a 50% haircut to Greek bondholders....
October 21, 2011
The fastest way to create a lot of jobs is to eliminate minimum wage laws and employment regulations and let the market decide what to pay and when to hire and fire, says Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro...

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