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Vaclav Klaus Drives the EU Crazy Again

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The Daily Bell
October 15, 2009
Vaclav Klaus, the Czech President, has been warned his country could lose its seat on the European Commission unless he stops placing "artificial obstacles" in the way of the EU Lisbon Treaty. The threat followed emergency talks between Jan Fischer, the caretaker Czech prime minister, and the European Commission. Jose Manuel Barroso, the Commission President, told the Czechs that the European Union's patience was running out with President Klaus's continued refusal to sign the treaty. ... "If there is no Lisbon Treaty, there is no guarantee for the Czech Republic to have a commissioner," Mr. Barroso warned. Boyko Borisov, the Bulgarian prime minister, emerged after talks in Paris with President Nicolas Sarkozy to warn that further Czech resistance would not be tolerated. "It must not be allowed, it must not be tolerated. President Sarkozy is of the same opinion," he said. – Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Silly, stubborn man!

Free-Market Analysis: One of the last real individualists in Europe is whacking the Union once again. It is a beautiful thing to watch. Vaclav Klaus is a one man EU wrecking crew, and from our point of view, he is perfectly justified. The EU was sold as an economic union, but today its leaders have visions of a United States of the West. This is really crazy to us. Europe is a patchwork of tribal allegiances, and many of these tribes fought the Empire of Rome to a standstill 2,000 years ago. Charlemagne spent most of his time fighting as we recall and there was a reason.

We note how much trouble the Western powers are having in subduing the Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is the untold story of the Middle Eastern war - how a tribal alliance some 40 million strong held off the West over a decade and emerged - or may emerge - victorious. This is no surprise to us as the same group did the same thing to the Russians 20 years ago.

The Western monetary elite is playing with fire. The EU is entirely undemocratic at this point. Elections go against the leadership and new ones are demanded. The socialists running the show never sought the consent of the majority of its citizens before starting its ambitious growth spurt. Even now, the EU leaders are fairly sure they cannot win popular votes for their policies and seek to go through brow-beaten local legislators instead. As soon as the EU cannot bribe nations by printing money (and that day is coming) the last reason to tolerate the torrent of regulations pouring from Brussels will disappear.

Conclusion: Klaus sees all this and more all too well. He is one of the last courageous statesmen in Europe. When one listens to the threats and bluster coming out of the EU when Klaus launches one of his inconvenient gambits, one is reminded of much worse days in Europe long ago. European leaders are in love with the EU and the power it represents. But that power may be built on a shaky base. And Klaus isn't afraid to point it out. Go Klaus!

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